WordPress permalinks not working in Xampp

Wordpress permalinks not working in Xampp

Some one tell WordPress permalinks not working in Xampp. To active SEO friendly permalink or  WordPress custom permalink follow the below steps
1. Using a text editor, open your httpd.conf file. In Xampp, this file is found in the apacheconf directory

2. Search the file for the following line of code:

   #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

3. Next, remove the # from the line as seen below to enable the module:

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

4. Next, search the file for AllowOverride until you come to a section that looks like the following:

# AllowOverride controls what directives may be placed in .htaccess files.
# It can be "All", "None", or any combination of the keywords:
# Options FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
AllowOverride All

# Controls who can get stuff from this server.
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

5. Ensure that this section says AllowOverride All as is highlighted above

6. Save the httpd.conf file and Restart your server

Now Try to set WordPress permalink it will work perfectly.

If the tips is helpful. Please share it with your Friends.

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