Top 8 CMS (Content Management Systems) For Web Developers

content management systemsThere are many content management systems in the web development resources here I have collected top 8 content management systems (CMS) for web developers to develop their own website or clients website.

Popular Content Management Systems

1. WordPress

By far, WordPress is the most well-known CMS for web hosting, web development and blogging. It’s absolutely free and very easy to be used. It has been empowered by the software which is developed by a huge open source team of volunteers who continuously provide latest solutions for web development. This team of professionals offers a huge number of themes as well as software plugins.

The iOS and Android app helps you in posting blogs and in monitoring your traffic from any mobile device. WordPress mainly works with the web developers by offering them assistance 24*7 through LIVE chat, forums, and email as well as support pages. One main advantage of employing WordPress is that it’s got the built in SEO for Yahoo, Bing and Google.

2. Joomla

Being a free-open source PHP based platform for web development, Joomla is quite a popular substitute for WordPress for the independent web developers. It’s an effective solution in case you wish to integrate your website with a particular database since it facilitates MS- SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Even though it doesn’t offer hosting, it helps you in easily integrating with the web host. It is a very easy-to-use platform which helps you in creating mobile ready websites.

3. Drupal

Drupal is also a free Open Source CMS which is written in the PHP language. A number of websites from personal to commercial to governmental employ this platform. Prominently, is also developed on Drupal.

The biggest feature which attracts the developers towards this CMS is that the websites can be built as well as adapted fast. It’s quite a helpful solution for the businesses that wish to reach mobile market, but don’t wish to learn the coding languages.

4. SilverStripe

This CMS is also a free Open Source PHP based platform which offers the users the WYSIQYG Editor. The BSD licensing of the CMS originated from the UC Berkeley even though it is based out of New Zealand. This platform mainly focuses on innovative technology as well as clean design.

5. ocPortal

ocPortal is also a free Open Source CMS which is written in PHP and is based on MySQL backend database. It has been developed by Chris Graham, a British Software Developer.

6. ModX

This is again a free Open Source PHPP based CMS which aids MySQL database. It may be employed for GNU licensed internet as well as intranet websites. This main feature of this platform is offering total creative freedom, scalability as well as flexibility in your designing. Its developers strive to go beyond limitations of the other CMS so that you are able to focus on providing the desired content.

7. CakePHP

CakePHP is also an Open Source web framework. It follows the View Controller model approach and it is written in the PHP language.

It employs the well-known software engineering concepts as well as design patterns like convention over configuration, active records, model view controller, front controller and data mapping.

8. Rubedo

Rubedo is a CMS and E commerce website Open Source. Its key is to integrate the behavioral targeting for customizing the products or content based on interests of the internet users.

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