Search engine optimization research tools

Search Engine optimization is an important element for blogger. To see your website or blog site at first page of Google search result you need to add some popular keywords with you content. Everybody knows content is king. So you should arranged your content with some important keywords. In this web development resources Tool section I have shared some important Search engine optimization research tools to find valuable keywords for your web content.

Search engine optimization research tools

Google Trends: Google Trends is a fabulous free tool to check when you’re brainstorming for a topic. Take a look at the search trends over the past several years.
Google Keyword Planner: Google keyword Planner is a free tool to check search demand. Another goody for researching a website niche.
Long Tail Pro: Long Tail Pro is a favorite premium tool for finding long tail (less competitive) keywords to rank for.
Market Samurai: Another premium keyword research tool. It’s a tad bit cumbersome but the video training is very useful.
Keyword Niche Finder: Keyword Niche Finder is a tool to find valuable Keyword. Enter a keyword Phrase and this tool will identify “Profitable” keyword groups you can target.
WordTracker: Another way to check search volume for various keywords.
Micro Nich e Finder: Yet another keyword research tool that will help you discover untapped or overlooked markets.
UbberSuggest: A free keyword tool to retrieve thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries.

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