Popular email subscription plugins free download

Email subscription is very important for a web site. It is not only important for blogger but also visitors. Sometime visitors forgot their necessary web address and they don’t remind when he or she fill necessity of the targeted site. As a result they need to search the site via search engine. Sometime I forgot some necessary web address for web development as a result I need to search the site on the web, as a result I lose my valuable time and sometime I don’t find the site. In this case You must use a Email subscription from for your site. As a WordPress use you can use a Email subscription plugin for you site. It will help you to get your reader back.

There are many free and paid WordPress Email subscription plugin but all plugin is not good. In this WordPress Email subscription plugin I have tried to present some popular and best WordPress email subscription plugins for your website or blog. You should use one of them.

 Subscribe2 WordPress plugin

Popular email subscription plugins free download

The plugin also handles subscription requests allowing users to publicly subscribe (Public Subscribers) by submitting their email address in an easy to use form or to register with your blog (Registered Users) which enables greater flexibility over the email content for per-post notifications for the subscriber. Admins are given control over the presentation of the email notifications, can bulk manage subscriptions for users and manually send email notices to subscribers.

WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin

WP Autoresponder And Newsletter Plugin
Using WP Autoresponder and Newsletter you can easily add a subscription form in your website sidebar and collect email addresses from your visitors. Also this plugin has a newsletter function which allows you to send bulk emails to your subscribers. You can choose to schedule the entire process and make a fully automated email subscription and newsletter for your website.


  • Create unlimited number of newsletter lists
  • Create followup email responses that can be schedueld to go out after a specific number of days since the subscriber subscribes.
  • Add subcription forms to your sidebar using widgets.
  • Provide email subscriptions to your blog without using third party services like Feedburner
  • Generate subscription forms and then use them on your website anywhere.
  • Collect more information about your subscribers by generating custom fields for your subscription forms.
  • Schedule e-mail broadcasts to your email newsletters in text/html. You can even send the broadcast to specific sections of your newsletter by selecting them using the custom fields.
  • Provide email subscription to specific categories in your blog
  • Import your subscribers from Feedburner and Aweber.
  • Define rules to unsubscribe users from one newsletter if they subscribe to another newsletter.

WP Subscriber Form

Download WP Subscriber Form plugin

If you want more subscribers then you should place subscription box to the correct place. This plugin adds Feedburner Subscription Form at the end of your post content.

  1. You can change your Feedburner feed
  2. You can apply different CSS to Subscription Form Button according to your Blog theme
  3. Very Easy to implement.
  4. Just 2 step Process.

Feedburner Email Subscription plugin

FeedBurner email subscription plugin

This plugin gives your biggest fans another way to keep up with your content feed by placing an email subscription form on your site. The email subscription uses the Feedburner RSS driven service to fetch your site content, and deliver it to your subscribers. Easy to use and customize, just put your Feedburner site name and you are ready to launch. Email content sent automatically by Feedburner.


ALO EasyMail Newsletter

ALO EasyMail Newsletter
ALO EasyMail Newsletter is a plugin for WordPress that allows to write and send newsletters, and to gather and manage the subscribers. It supports internationalization and multilanguage


  • write and send html/text newsletters, simple like writing posts: newsletter is a custom post type, using the standard WordPress GUI and API
  • select the recipients to send to: registered users, subscribers, mailing lists
  • batch sending using WP cron system: it sends a number of emails every 5 minutes, until all recipients have been included
  • collect subscribers: on registration form and with an ajax widget/page
  • import/export subscribers: import from existing registered users or from a CSV file
  • create and manage mailing lists: only admin can assign subscribers to them, or subscribers can freely choose them
  • newsletter themes: using html/php files in plugin or theme folder
  • manage subscribers: search, delete, edit subscription to mailing lists
  • manage capabilities: choose the roles that can send newsletter, manage subscribers and settings
  • view sending report: how many subscribers have opened the newsletter and clicked on links inside it
  • bounce management: the bounced email addresses are automatically unsubscribed
  • multilanguage: set all texts and options, you can write multilanguage newsletters – full integration with WPML, qTranslate, Polylang
  • debug tool: rather than the recipients, you can send all emails of a newsletter to the author or you can have them recorded into a log file


Mail List

Mail List wordpress plugin download
Collect users email address with an awesome fully customizable form implemented with ajax, write and send newsletters, manage your mailing list.
For more information, check out Mail List


  • Collect email address with a form in the front end of the website
  • Write newsletters in the back end with TinyMce
  • CSV import and export
  • Manage you mailing list
  • Easy to use
  • After the form submission a cookie named maillistcookie prevent to see again the form (delete this cookie to see again the form)


MailUp newsletter sign-up form

MailUp newsletter sign-up form
Visitors to your WordPress-powered blog or Web site will be able to subscribe to your newsletter using an easily configurable sign-up form. Their information will be saved in your MailUp account, in the List you specify. You will also be able to specify a Group (e.g. List: Monthly Newsletter, Group: Subscribed from WordPress).


MailPoet Newsletters (formerly Wysija)

MailPoet Newsletters plugin download
Create newsletters, post notifications and autoresponders. Drop your posts, images, social icons in your newsletter. Change fonts and colors on the fly. Manage all your subscribers. A new and simple newsletter solution for WordPress. Finally!
We built it with the idea that newsletters in WordPress should be easy. Not hard. Forget MailChimp, Aweber, etc. We’re the good guys inside your WordPress.


  • Drag & drop visual editor, an HTML-free experience
  • Post notifications, like Feedburner, Subscribe2 or MailChimp’s RSS-to-Email
  • Autoresponders, i.e. “Send email 3 days after someone subscribes”
  • Selection of over 30 themes. Photoshop files included
  • Get stats for each newsletter: opens, clicks, unreads, unsubscribes
  • Add a subscription form in your sidebar or pages
  • Your newsletters look the same in Gmail, iPhone, Android, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
  • Your WordPress users have their own list
  • Import subscribers from MailChimp, Aweber, etc.
  • One click import from Tribulant, Satollo, Subscribe2, etc.
  • Single or double opt-in, your choice
  • Send with your web host, Gmail or SMTP
  • Segment your lists based on opened, clicked & bounced
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Sending in free version is limited to 2000 subscribers


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