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The seo tool web page size checker is as easy as its call. Page size Checker is used for checking the full period of a website web page. Even you can check the scale of complete website by using this tool. But the query is here that why we want to test the web page size. In some tools such as cell, someday show that the page is outsized so we can not show this to you. This type of errors happens whilst the web page size of a website page is just too large. When the web page length of a web page have become big then we want to split this page into pages in order that this page can display to each tool.

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Via the use of this page size checker we can effortlessly recognize the page size of a website and then can arrange according to your requirement. Hence this is a very useful tool. In case your website is low web page size then it'll growth your web page velocity.

How to use Page Size Checker Tool?

That is a simple tool like our other seo tools. You simply want to enter your website name or you may enter your web page link immediately whose web page size you need to recognize. Then rest paintings is achieved by means of our device. In following few seconds you may be able to know the size of that web page.

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If you want to add this tool to your website, you have to copy and paste the below codes to your web page where you want to display this tool.

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