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WP Pro Advertising System Plugin

The “WP Pro Advertising Device” WordPress Plugin Lets In You To Manage Classified Ads For Your WordPress Web Site. It Has Many Effective Features to Place Commercials for Your Internet Site, Manipulate Advertisers, Campaigns, and Banners & Ad zones All in Just A Few Seconds.

Besides Including Normal Banners This Plugin Lets In You To Create Nook Peel Ads, Popup Banners And You May Even Transform Your Post/Web Page Backgrounds Into Commercials. It Additionally Tracks Clicks, Impressions & CTR To Provide You Very Easy And Precise Statistics.

If You Are Seeking Out A Easy, Smooth And Really Professional Way To Manipulate Commercials For Your Website This Plugin Is What You’re Looking For!

  1. Manipulate Advertisers: Developing A Profile For Each Advertiser Offers You A Easy Evaluation.
  2. Manage Campaigns: Create Multiple Marketing Campaigns For Every Advertiser. This Way You Could Integrate More Than One Ads Together.
  3. Control Banners: You Could Choose Between Multiple Alternatives To Add Banners.
  4. Manage Adzones: You May Area Adzones Anywhere You Need For Your Internet Site. As Soon As You Hyperlink A Banner To An Adzone It Is Going To Be Seen For Your Web Site. Adzones May Be Any Size. There Are Four Approaches To Add Adzones To Your Internet Site.
  5. Song Information: Preserve A Clean And Particular Overview Of What Number Of Impressions/Clicks Your Ads Get And Calculate The CTR For Each Banner, Adzone, Marketing Campaign And Advertiser. Its Also Feasible To Export Statistics To PDF. Beside The Banner Data the Plugin Additionally Tracks Particular Person Info for Every Click on and Affect. The Following Statistics Receives Stored:
  6. Popup Commercials: Open Your Adzones as a Popup to Tune the Person’s Interest! Every Popup Can Be Custom Designed In another Way. You Could Regulate The Historical Past Coloration And The Opacity Of The Popup Background The Use Of The Easy Shortcode Editor.
  7. Historical Past Classified Ads: Rework Your Heritage into a Commercial. Adzones May Be Loaded As History Ads On Any Put Up/Page. Every Publish/Web Page Can Have an Exclusive Advertising Heritage.
  8. Shortcode Editor: One Of The Options To Feature Banners On Your Website Is Through [Shortcodes]. To Make It Even Less Difficult We Covered A Shortcode Editor As A Way To Create The Shortcodes For You, Precisely The Way You Want.
  9. Responsive Advertisements: Display Ads on Any Device.
  10. Mailchimp Prepared: Upload Advertisements On Your Mailchimp Newsletters. All Adzones Have Their Personal RSS Feed Which Makes It Possible To Load Your Banners Into Mailchimp And Show Them On Your Newsletters.

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