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Necessary Web Hosting Capacity Planning information

Necessary Web Hosting Capacity Planning information

Web hosting capacity is a main factor of your web site. It capacity depends on web type. if you create a web site for video, movie and other download site you need unlimited web hosting capacity. see the information below which will be clear about Web hosting capacity.

Disk Space

You need 50 Megabyte to 100 Megabyte Disk space for a tiny and medium website. If you look at the HTML page, you will see image size is large than page. Your web server will take space from 5 to 50 KB. It depends on how much images have been used. If you use a lot of image, graphics (sound file or movie) than you will need more disk space on server

Monthly Traffic

Web Hosting Capacity

Actually a small or medium sizes web site can transfer about 1GB to 5GB data every month. Let, average size of your web page about 40 kilobytes and you wish visitors will visit your 50,000 pages monthly. Then you will need 0.04 MB x 50000 pages =2GB monthly website traffic. There are many large websites which use minimum 100GB monthly website traffic. You should know the below information before contract with a host provider.

  • The terms and condition of monthly traffic.
  • Is your site will close if you use more traffic form given traffic volume?
  • Is easy to upgrade you monthly traffic?
  • How much money will be paid for using more traffic?

Connection Speed

Now a day internet speed has increased then before. And I think it will continue. Low speed modem can transfer about 14 to 56 kilobytes data a second. Some place its speed 2000 to 7000 Kilobytes Per second. Some information is given below about kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte.

8 bit= 1 byte 1024 byte= 1 KB 1024 KB= 1 MB 1024 MB= 1GB 1024 GB= 1 TB

You must see: Web hosting technology Here KB means Kilobyte, MB mean Megabyte, GB mean Gigabytes, TB mean Terabyte.

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