Web Hosting and Domain Name

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Learn about Web Hosting and Domain Name

Learn about Web Hosting and Domain Name

What is Domain Name?

Web hosting and domain name is a unique name of a web site such as www.1stwebsuite.com. Every web sites need to register a domain name. This may be free or bought. After domain name registration it will save in a large Domain name register. Without it, IP Address and web site’s including information saved in a DNS (Domain Name System) server. DNS server plays an important role to inform other computers about Domain Name and web site address. If you want to use a free domain name for your web site than its name will be www.yourname.wordpress.com under WordPress and www.yourname.blogspot.com will be under blogger site. Its hosting and domain name is totally free you need not pay any amount for this. You can also domain registration yahoo You must see: How to Add an Addon Domain?

Web hosting and domain name registration

You can register your web sites Domain Name from any Domain name Registration Company. They can give you Domain name registration to use at a cheap rate. You can choice a domain name from many domain names. Such as .com .net .org .tk .edu .int .pro .gov .info etc They will give you a domain name for 1-5 years. If you want to use the Domain name for long time than you will give money every year. You can buy a domain name for long time by following there terms and conditions. If you use .com domain name than your web site’s name will be www.yourname.com However above service command names such as .net, .pro etc will use after yourname. Such as www.yourname.gov

How to name a website?

To create a web site you need a domain name. At first you will think how to name a website? I think Choosing a Domain name is depends on your blogging or business. You should choose Domain name related your site. Suppose your site is computer related site so you should take a Domain name related computer. Some information is given below to select a Domain Name.

Small Name: Choose a small name for your site because visitors don’t like to write long web address. So choose a small name which is easy to remain.

Meaning full name: Without a meaningful name domain name has no value. So choose a meaningful name related your site so that everyone can get the idea of website by seeing the name of all.

Demanding Name: Choose a demand full name for your website. Choose that keyword which is given in search Engine. At last I will say, you can get more visitors through your perfect domain Name you have to choose best web hosting and domain name.

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