How to Remove Blogger Navbar Easy Way

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Remove Blogger Navbar Easy Way

Blogger is a very popular blogging platform. We know that Blogger apex free service provider for blogging and creating website. Blogger blog popularity is increasing day by day from other free Blogging platform like site for customization and custom template. Blogger gives all permission to develop your website or blog site design and development. There are many necessary customization of blogger template. In this Blogger customization tips and tricks tutorial I will Show How to remove Blogger Navbar.

What is Blogger Navbar ?

First of all you should know about the Blogger Navbar before hide or remove Blogger navbar permanently. By default Blogger navbar appears on all free blogger blog like blogs for providing various services and benefits. Actually you will see two different type of Navbar one before login and another after login to the blogger account.

If you have created a new blogger blog then you will see a Navigation bar (Navbar) at the top of your blog i.e. just above of your blogger blog or website Title or Header. Many people after creating their blog on blogger platform they first try to Hide or Remove blogger Navbar so that their free blog will looks like a website. If you don’t remove Blogger Navbar or hide blogger Navbar your visitor will be able to guess you are using blogger platform for your free blog or your custom domain.

Don't worry about blogger navbar. The blogger itself has now given an opportunity to hide or remove blogger Navbar from your blog. Now I will inform you how to hide or remove this blogger Navebar and make your blog or website like a professional website.

You can remove blogger navbar following two methods. I have added the both methods blow. You can use one of this methods which is easy for you.

Hide Blogger Navbar Following method one:

Step-1: Login to your blogger dashboard and select your blog (If you have many blogs)
Step-2:Go to the Layout option of your blogger blog and click on edit link of Navbar shown at the top right corner.
Step-3: Now select off option like below image of Navbar.

How to Hide and Remove Blogger Navigation Bar

Step-3: Click on save button
Now visit your blog to check Blogger Navbar. You will see you have remove Navbar.

2. Hide Blogger Navbar Following Method Two:

This is the other option to hide the Blogger Navbar. Note that it does not work for the internet explorer browser.

Step-1: Login to your blogger dashboard and select your blog (If you have many blogs)
Step-2: Click on Template menu form blogger dashboard then click on Edit HTML button like below image

remove blogger navbar

Step-3: Now find ]]></b:skin> and Paste the following CSS Code before it

#navbar-iframe {

Step-4: Now Click on Save Template Button.

Congrats! You have hide blogger Navbar from your blog. Now your Blogger blog is looking professional website. If this blogger template customization tips and tricks are helpful consider to share with your friends. You can share your opinion leaving comment thank you.

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