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PHP MySQL Web Development for Beginners

Before Learning PHP MySQL Web Development you have to know about PHP. The full meaning of PHP is Hypertext preprocessor. It is a Server side scripting language like ASP. This php scripts works only server. It supports various Databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC etc. IT is an open source software so anyone can download free from official PHP resource site PHP. To work with PHP you need learn HTML/XHTML and JavaScript.

What is PHP file?

PHP files can bear Text, HTML Tag and scripts. Php files are display through browser as HTML. The extinction or PHP file is .php

How to work with php?

To work with php you need a server I practice in local server. If you want to learn php you must be used a server. Here I will use Xmapp server. Making a local server in your computer please see my below tutorial and follow step by step.

  1. You Must see How to install Xampp server on your local computer
  2. After creating local server create a new folder in htdocs folder. (xampphtdocs) and give a name as you like such as I have given the folder name is “php_practice
  3. After create new folder open your web browser and browse the below link http://localhost/php_practice (here php_practice is my new created folder name. if you give another name please type your folder name.)
  4. Here you will see your php directory folder. When you will create a new php file or other files in your created folder, you will see and able to browse through your web browser.

If you want to make sure about your new created folder please keep a file or folder and browse http://localhost/php_practice through a web browser, you will see the file or folder which you keep some time ago.

Note: http://localhost/php_practice does not work always. If you create a folder as php_practice in your htdocs folder (xampphtdocs), the link will work.

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