How to install Xampp server

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How to install Xampp server on computer

In this web development tips & Tricks section we will learn How to install Xampp server your local computer? Server is a special computer which services other computers as guest user and you can run your Dynamic website in this computer. You can use your computer like server computer by using XAMPP.

Install Xampp server on PC?

To make server in your computer you need XAMPP software. You can xampp server download free from Here or you can search on Google by writing XAMPP for windows This server will help you to practice and make your web site in localhost as a result you need not Internet connection. After preparing your website you can submit the website in ISP (Internet Service Provider) server very easily.

Let, you have downloaded this XAMPP software. It's installation system is very easy like other software. Go to your XAMPP software location of your computer where you save it and follow the instruction below.

Install Xampp server

  • If it is .zip or .rar file please unzip it using winrar or 7z software and Double click on the software icon. You will see a message box which contains “please select a language” here select English Language and click on ok button.
  • Click next at welcome to the Xampp message box.
  • Here choose install location and click on next button. (You must be selected root folder)
  • Select “Install Apache as server” check box and “Install MySQL as server” check box then click on Next button.
  • Please weight until complete installation.
  • After complete click on Finish button.
  • Click ok
  • Click yes
  • Now you will see XAMPP Control Panel Application box.

Here Apache and MySQL function will stay running. If it does not run click on start button both Apache and MySQL. It may be give warning message don’t worry and click (X) close button. Now your computer is a server computer. If you want to Exit the XAMPP server click both stop button of Apache and MySQL and Exit the program by clicking Exit button.

You can active and close your XAMPP server at any time. To active this server double clicks on XAMPP Control Panel from where you installed it. After run the program click on start button both Apache and MySQL. It may be give warning message don’t worry and click (X) close button. It will active properly if your XAMPP control panel screen will like above picture. Now your computer is a server computer. Close the Program by clicking (X) close button not Exit button. If you click on Exit button you XAMPP server will be deactivated.

Test your Server:

To test your XAMPP server run a browser such as Firefox, opera etc. and visit http://localhost you will see the page below.

Install Xampp server on PC

If you see this page you can think you have successfully install XAMPP server in your computer.

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