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How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Want to increase website traffic to your website easy way. There are many ways to share website and get new visitors instantly which will help to increase website traffic to your website. But all way is not best or easy. Many web masters think to use social networking website for their web site. As a result they get more traffic. There are many social networking websites, social bookmarking websites, social news website and other social interaction websites. I think Social networking of your website will Key to success. Generally Visitors tend to share good content on social media websites. Each share drives traffic to your website and creates goodwill for your website.

how to increase website traffic

Suppose you add a share button of Facebook social network site in your site. And a visitor has shared a post of your site through your website’s Facebook button to his/her Facebook account. Your post will display in his/her Facebook wall. All friends of the new visitor will show your post through his/her Facebook wall as a result you may get more visitors from the Facebook wall. So think again about social networking. Your new or old posts will share many times through your visitors every day and you will get more and more new visitors as a result your website increase traffic to your website impression will increase, your site will get importance at search engine, your site will get a High PR back link. You can also create some free back link using our Backlink Maker

I am a student of Management. I had learned about the work of manager. Manager should follow some works such as forecasting and plan, organization, staffing, direction, motivation, Adjustment and control. I think all things follow management. So You should select social media icons which will work best for your website. To select the social media or social networking site icons find below details about your website

  1. At first you should think about your targeted country. I am telling about country because many webmaster want to get some selected country like USA, Canada, and UK etc. You can log into any web analytic service like Google Analytic to find out top countries for your website.
  2. Now go to Addthis services directory. Add this has done great job of compiling some important details about social services.
  3. Find the social services popular in countries important for your website. You should select common social services popular in these countries (to cover maximum percentage of your visitors you should choose common social services of top ten countries driving traffic to your website).
  4. If your website is getting good amount of traffic from different language group (for example if your website is getting traffic from French language group and your site is in English) than you can think of including a social service icon of French social networking website.
  5. The social service icons you select should comprise of social networking sites (like Facebook), social blogging sites (twitter), and social bookmarking site like (stumble upon). Choosing wide variety of social services cover visitors of different taste and nature.
  6. Use this popular web icon with your every single post and page. When visitors will learn your site’s post they will share your post if they interest to share.
  7. If you use Popular CMS WordPress you can use jetpack plugin. Jetpack is not only a share plugin but also many special things.

You can put the icons based on above procedure and if needed can optimize it further based on results you will get many new and old visitors regularly.

Write your opinions and help us and our guest to learn more and more. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your Facebook, Google plus, twitter site.

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