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Highlight the Current Category

Most readers like to know where they are on a website. Personally I like to know where I am? Highlighting the visited links and active link is very important for a visitor. The Highlighted link inform them where are they on your site. As a result they can learn the other articles of the category by avoiding double click on the same category and link. To help them knowing what they’re exactly browsing right now, you should definitely highlight the current category. But How to highlight the current category? Don't worry I will inform you details to highlight the current category of WordPress site.

If you notice the below image, you will see "WordPress" menu is highlighted by Black Background color and White font color. You can set the Highlighted color base on you Theme style.

Highlight the Current Category

Simply add the below style code in your theme style.css file.

.current-menu-item { 

That's all! Now visit a category of your site you will see your current or active category is highlighted.

If the above Css codes does not work properly please use Firebug web development tool to know the Right class of current Category like the below image

Highlight the Current Category

If you unable to use This web development tool, Simply Add a comment. I will try to Send you right CSS codes to highlight current category base on you theme as soon as possible.

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