Feedburner Email Subscription Setup Guideline

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Email Subscription Setup Guideline

Email subscription is a service which allows publishers to deliver their updated content to their subscriber via email address. This updated content will be delivered automatically. If you wish to send manually, you will be able to do this. If you visit various web site or blog site, you will see about 99% blog or web site which offer to get Updated content via email subscriptions box like the below image.

Important of Email Subscription?

Email subscription is very important for a web site. It is not only important for blogger but also visitors. Sometime visitors forgot their necessary web address and they don’t remind when he or she fill necessity of the targeted site. As a result they need to search the site via search engine. Sometime I forgot some necessary web address for web development as a result I need to search the site on the web, as a result I lose my valuable time and sometime I don’t find the site.

In this case Email subscription is very important. It will help to get the write site and you will get updated information or post when the new post or article will publish.

Why use email subscription form to your site?

You need to use email subscription form to your site. There are many reasons to use email subscription form of your site like

  1. Get real visitors every single day.
  2. Increase web traffic day by day.
  3. Integrate Google Adsense to monetize your RSS feeds
  4. Many old visitors will come after publishing a new post.
  5. Social Proof (Subscriber count)
  6. You will get regular visitor via email subscription.
  7. Visitor will interest to get update via email subscription.
  8. Post view will increase after publishing the post.

Best Email subscription service

There are many free email subscription service form to your web site like

  1. FeedBurner Email subscription service.
  2. MailChimp Email subscription service.
  3. Aweber Email subscription service.
  4. Constant Contact Email subscription service.
  5. Campaign Monitor Email subscription service.
  6. GetResponse Email subscription service.

Here I will describe how to setup FeedBurner emails subscription to your web site.

What is FeedBurner Email?

FeedBurner email is a service that allows publishers to deliver their feed content to subscribers via email. You can learn more from support.google.com

Setting up Your FeedBurner for WordPress feeds

FeedBurner is a free email notification service of Google. Most blogs have RSS feed which is detected automatically by commonly used feed readers when the blog URL is added to the reader.

Now I will inform you How to add This Email subscription form in your WordPress site. This tutorial is not only for WordPress webmaster but also any webmaster. I Think you will be able to Add Email subscription box in your site by following the below steps.

1. Visit http://feedburner.google.com to begin the process of setting up your Feedburner feed (If you do not already have a free account, you will need to first create one.) or you can login with gmail account.
2. Enter your site’s feed url in the box and click “Next.”

feedburner email subscription blogger
Generally all WordPress template support rss feed. Then your feed link should be like yourdomain.com/feed/.

If it display incorrect or wrong feed url then you need to add the following php codes within <head>...</head> tag of your header.php file. Learn about WordPress feed url from codex

<?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?>

3 . Enter a title for your feed (most likely your website name).  After doing so, click “Next.”

feedburner email subscription blogger
4. Feedburner now gives you the opportunity to add some additional tracking information to your account.  Make your desired selections, then click “Next” to finish the process

feedburner email subscription for wordpress
5. You have now successfully burned your feed!

feedburner email subscription blogger
6. Once you’ve completed the process of burning your feed, you will need to add your new Feedburner email subscription form to your web site.
Feedburner now gives you the opportunity to add some additional tracking information to your account.  Make your desired selections, then click “Next” to finish the process.

Add the Email Subscribe Box on your site

To add the form clidk on Publicize button -> Email Subscriptions -> Subscription Management then copy the html codes which I indicated by adding 3 and past it in your website where you want to display your Email subscription form.

Free Email Subscription Service

After adding the FeedBurner email subscription form on you site. It will look like the below image. You can modify the Email subscription box with your own style.


At the end of the Email subscription setup guideline I will say Email subscription is a best way to get informative information via email and it is helpful for a webmaster to get old visitors. As a WordPress user I will suggest you to use a FD FeedBurner WordPress plugin after adding feedBurner email subscription form to your site. This plugin will redirect your default WordPress feed to FeedBurner feed.

Thank you so much reading this post. I hope it will helpful to create Email subscription form for your web site or blog.

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