How to Disable Post Revisions in WordPress

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Disable Post Revisions WordPress

Disable Post Revisions WordPress

Want to Disable Post Revisions WordPress? One of the new features rolled out in WordPress involved post revisions. Revisions are a way for users to keep a working collection of each different version of a post and then revert back to it in the future if necessary. Some people think this is the greatest thing since lightsabers, others (such as myself) find it to be a royal pain in the WordPress database. It convolutes the Admin area, gobbles up disk space, and usually doesn’t work as intended. Fortunately, we can disable this amazing new “feature” (which should NOT have been included in the core) by adding the following line to the wp-config.php file:

/* disable post-revisioning nonsense */ 

Just place that line above the “Happy blogging” comment and say goodbye to needless revisioning bloat.

You can Limit WordPress Post Revisions following our another post "How to Limit WordPress Post Revisions".

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