How to Change Text Selection Color

Change Text Selection Color With CSS

Some newer web browsers will allow you to define the highlight color on your webpage selected text. This is set to light blue by default, but you can setup any Text Selection color value which tickles your fancy. This snippet includes the typical ::selection target along with vendor prefixes for Webkit and Mozilla.

Custom Text Selection Color Snippets

::selection { background: #e2eae2; }
::-moz-selection {
 background: #e2eae2;
::-webkit-selection {
 background: #e2eae2;

After adding the aboue Text Selection css code to your website's style.css file refresh you webpage with a browser and select some content or text to test the color of selected text. However, If this small css code snippets help for you don't forget to share it with you friends. Your share will help us to share more snippets and tricks of web development.

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