Change Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Labels Pages

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Change Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Labels Pages

Change Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Labels Pages

This post will be all about how to change number of posts displayed on blogger labels pages. We can customize blogger label to show minimum or maximum posts per label. Sometime you might be get in trouble whenever need to show number of selected posts by single label in blogger blog. There are a lot of factors effected when we want to display more posts per label. In this way our blog could be easily compel on loading time in result we will lose massive traffic from search engine. So be default all custom and blogger templates are showing all the posts which accommodated by a single label that we have assigned to it. So in short i would say whenever we click on a label in blogger template it show mostly up-to 20 posts or in somewhere you will see less than twenty posts. So to reduce the number of posts on per label inside the blogger template we will use a piece of chunk code which will display specific number of posts which we assign to it. So in today article, we will show you how to display specific number of posts per label in blogger blog.

Why We Change Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Labels Pages

As I have already discuss in the above para, there are many factors effected if we display more than 20 posts or less than 10 post per label. To show maximum post per label it is clear that your blog will compel on loading time. It would not increase your pageviews instead you will lose hundred of readers. However if we show less and less posts on per label then this time you are losing the pageviews by your own hands. So make there balance so that you there is no loading time and also maintain the page views.

Show Specific Number of Post Per Blogger Labels Pages

One of our reader have requested how to do this in blogger blog. So i was thinking to give the best answer why not to share a complete tutorial about this issue. Most of newbies blogger face this problem and do not know how to resolve this problem.

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If you want to know how to show and display targeted number of posts in blogger you will must replace some of the default label code with customize one to make it perfect for showing all the post on single label. Follow the below simple steps to add the code in your template.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard
  • Go to Template >> Edit/Html
  • Now Searce for

And Replace with

data:label.url + "?max-results=10"

In the above code replace 10 with the number of posts you want to show or display. If you want to show just 15 posts for a label simply then replace 10 with 15

  • Save your template
  • You done almost

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