Popular Blockquote Styling CSS

Blockquote Styling CSS

Blockquote Styling CSS

Not everybody needs to use blockquotes inside their website. But I feel these are an excellent HTML element for separating quoted or repeated content within blogs or webpages. This basic chunk of CSS offers a default style for your blockquotes so they don’t appear as drab and bland.

Blockquote Css Properties Codes

blockquote {
	background: #f9f9f9;
	border-left: 10px solid #ccc;
	margin: 1.5em 10px;
	padding: .5em 10px;
	quotes: "201C""201D""2018""2019";

blockquote:before {
	color: #ccc;
	content: open-quote;
	font-size: 4em;
	line-height: .1em;
	margin-right: .25em;
	vertical-align: -.4em;

blockquote p { display: inline; }


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