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Best web hosting technology

Best web hosting technology

There are many web hosting technology which are used in server computer. If you have any plan to host your site in public sever you should learn about web hosting technology properly.

Windows hosting:

The hosting machine which runs with windows operating system is called windows hosting. If you have any plan to use database like ASP (Active Server Pages) or Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL server for server scripting you can choose windows hosting. Without it, if you plan to make website using Microsoft Front page, Windows hosting will better for you.

Linux hosting:

Linux hosting means the machine in which the Linux operating system has been run or used.

PHP hosting:

PHP is most useful hosting server. It is a very powerful scripting language for web development. Some times it used various operating systems with Apache. Besides it can be used with various operating systems. Without it, it supports ISAPI and used with Windows Microsoft IIS. PHP support many database such as MySQL, Informix, oracle, sybase, solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC and so on.

Microsoft Front page:

Front page is the web design tool of Microsoft. You need not have any deep learning about it for web page design. Most of the windows hosting solution support the Front page. You have to use windows hosting solution to make website plan with Microsoft Front page.

Best web hosting technology

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