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Add Extra Field In WordPress User Profile

Want to Add extra contact methods WordPress user profile? WordPress allow users to enter a Website, AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber / Google Talk name on their profile, but now a day Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube are very popular contact methods of the user. So Many WordPress user want to add extra contact methods to user profile like Facebook username, Twitter username etc. to their user profile. In order to add more contact methods to user profile, simply paste this below hook in your WordPress theme’s functions.php file. This simple WordPress snippets will add extra contact methods to WordPress user profiles like Facebook, Twitter and others. It can be used for any website or service you need.

// Add Twitter and other social media links to user profile
function add_twitter_contactmethod( $contactmethods ) {
    $contactmethods['twitter'] = 'Twitter Username';
    $contactmethods['facebook'] = 'Facebook Username';
    $contactmethods['linkedin'] = 'LinkedIn Username';
    $contactmethods['flickr'] = 'Flickr Username';
    $contactmethods['youtube'] = 'Youtube Username';

    return $contactmethods;

After adding the above WordPress snippets Your WordPress user profile will like the below image

WordPress user profiles

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