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9 Tantalizing Features That May Be Rolled Out With iOS 11

9 Tantalizing Features That May Be Rolled Out With iOS 11

The Apples iPhone 8, which is expected to roll out in September 2017, have become the talk of the town. Given the fact that 2017 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the phenomenal iPhone, we can expect some awe-inspiring features which may be introduced with the latest version of iOS, which is the iOS 11.

Many mobile development crackerjacks have predicted that the iPhone 8 would be launched with 3 options, wireless charging, optimized chip sets and a new frame crafted with aluminum and glass. The Apple iOS 11 update is expected to be introduced at the WWDC to be held in June this year, followed by the public discharge by September.

1) A New Video-Sharing App

When iOS 7 was launched in 2013, Photos app had features like adding the Instagram filters and so on. You can crop, rotate and adjust the colors of a picture in the Photos app itself. Yet, this feature of editing within the app is not available for videos. But things will change as Apple may launch a video sharing app in the iOS 11.

This expected video based application will focus on social networking and will be integrated with features similar to the ones in Instagram and Snapchat. The video application will have many filters user may add drawings as well. The videos can be shared directly to the contact list or over various social networking channels.

2) New Contact Features

Rumor has it that Apple might integrate social features into the Contacts app. As of now, you can see photos and location when you tap on the information. This feature may have additional options such as view messages, send emails and last social media session with the contact.

Apple has a patent to determine if a contact is available as per the status of the iPhone. You might have seen the green dot next to the contacts in Hangouts and Facebook which denotes that the person is online at the moment. Apple is expected to feature the contact availability in a similar prospect. Also, this feature will have the option to disable this feature, to ensure the privacy of the users.

3) FaceTime To Feature Group Calls 

FaceTime is amazing. Yet, group calls have taken over the traditional one-on-one video calls. As a result, Apple device users have to switch to alternates such as Skype, Duo, Messenger and other third party apps. Apple has realized this trend and is expected to feature the group video calls for FaceTime in the forthcoming iOS 11. 

Apple will also be optimizing the messages app. This will enable to feature as many as 5 people at the same time. If the rumor proves to be true, it would be one of the key advancements which would make global headlines.

4) Advancements In Voicemail Transcription

When the voicemail transcriptions were introduced in iOS 10, it came out as a beta feature. The noteworthy aspect of this feature is that when anyone asks you to call back, the part of speech which has the number is converted to a clickable link. This lets you return the calls without the need to write down the number. 

Moreover, transcriptions make it simpler to figure out if the call you missed was urgent or not. In the iOS 11, this amazing feature is expected to roll out with the necessary improvements.

5) Drone And Mapping

The Apple CEO Tim Cook had to apologize since the customers had to face issues with the launch of the Maps app earlier. Now, the Maps App is widely used for public transit information, search for companies, third party integration, location based predictions based on events and so on.

Now, Apple plans on making use of the drones to get the necessary updates about the changes in roads and new construction zones. As the data is collected by the drones and sent to the Maps team at Apple, the navigation system is expected to be awe-inspiring.

6) Siri To Sound More Natural

The Apple team in Cambridge, England has been working to revamp the Siri. Specifically, the developers are focusing on giving a more human touch to Apple’s digital assistant. The upcoming iOS 11 is expected to support voice commands for multiple apps such as social media applications. So, you can just say “add photo to Facebook” and Siri will do it for you.

7) Guest Mode

This expected feature may benefit the educational institutions. Earlier, Managed Apple IDs were launched to allow multiple users to connect on iPads. By enabling the Guest mode feature for Mac OS, a user is prohibited from accessing the personal files and other data of the users. Apple might add this feature of guest access in iPhones and iPads for calling, which will let a guest access safari without the browser history/passwords and so on.

8) Media Handoff

The handoff feature is widely used for the Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch users. This allows a user to switch between the devices using Universal Clipboard, calls, auto unlock and hotspot. The Handoff feature lets you continue from where you left off for the following applications:

  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Safari
  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Pages
  • Numbers
  • Keynote

Yet, this amazing functionality is not accessible for music or iTunes. In the upcoming iOS 11, Apple might integrate the feature to use the handoff feature for media files as well. 

9) Customized Control Center

This is a no brainer, since Apple was expected to feature customization in the Control Center in the iOS version 10. Since this was not a part of the latest version back in September 2016, we can expect that this feature will make its way in the iOS 11. 

Wrapping Up

There have been rumors across the mobile development web sphere about the updates which the iOS 11 may roll out. The above 9 rumors are a quick breakdown of what we may expect by the fall of this year.

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