3 Social Media SEO Opportunities You Should Never Miss

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3 Social Media SEO Opportunities You Should Never Miss

3 Social Media SEO Opportunities You Should Never Miss

When it comes to SEO, there are no Bible truths about it. You cannot predict beforehand that Strategy A will bring your website’s ranking to Number 1. Similarly you cannot tell that Strategy B will take you nowhere.

SEO is about making the maximum use of every opportunity that comes your way to improve your online presence and help your business grow.

Here are 3 Social Media SEO opportunities you should never miss if you want your website to hold the topmost ranks in Google’s Search Results page.

Own an Account on every Social Networking Site

The world of social media is VAST. You have Google+, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yelp, Twitter and so many more social networking sites where you can open up an account.

Make sure you fill in information about your website accurately and do not miss fields that will bring followers back to your own website and your other social networking pages. Once that’s done, make sure you keep your followers updated with regular posts on these sites.

This action doesn’t guarantee you immediate top rankings, although it does expand the presence of your company online, which eventually translates into improved rankings.

Add Alt Tags for Icons and Images

How great would it be if your website not only ranks high on Google’s Search Results page, but images from your website also show up on Google’s Image Search Results?

On your websites, you are provided with a field to add alt tags for your images. Do not overlook adding alt tags because when you do so, you improve the chances of the image getting indexed in Google Images.

When you add an alt tag of your company’s name to social media icons, the alt tag acts as an important social media keyword.

Google+ Opens Up Many More Opportunities

SEO Consultants have been stressing the fact that your online presence on Google+, Google Authorship and Google Places can take your business places. The social media platform that Google offers is full of benefits.

  • It helps local SEO
  • Images and Content get indexed faster
  • It helps your website's content get displayed in the Search Results page
  • It gives your company's content increased visibility

This ultimately leads people to click on your website’s link on Google.

Make sure you grab this 3 SEO opportunities to give you a better playing field in the online world.

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