How to show Author profile picture in Google search result

Hello Learner how is you? In this web development tutorial I will try to share a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips which will help you to show author profile picture in Google search result. I hope this tips will be helpful to get more visitors from Google search engine.

How to show Author profile picture in Google search result

Generally Google shows author profile picture in Google search result from Google plus profile. So to show profile picture in Google search result you must have a Google plus account.

Why Show author profile picture in Google search result?

In this question simply I will tell, Google search Engine has give us this advantage. It is very effective for search engine optimization. If you do this visitor will see your profile picture in their Google search result and they will visit your blog or website through Google search result. Google always try to place on top which site has show author image in search results. So it has played an important role for your blog or website. It may be WordPress platform or blogger platform. It is also known as one page optimization of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you website.

How to display image in Google search result

If you want to show profile picture in Google search result, you have to complete below requirement:

  1. You have own blog or website
  2. You have an account of Google plus
  3. You must have an about me page on blog/website, if you don’t have about me page, create a about me page or about us page.

Now follow blew steps:  
Step 1:
A. on your website you have to add below code. It may be herader, footer or any place of you website

<a href="" rel="author">Join me on Google+</a>

B. Now replace 102374609863098638295 with your Google + ID
C. Go to your Google + account and copy the digits from address bar like blew

Easiest Way to Show Author Profile Picture in Google

Step 2:
A. Simply copy blew code and paste it in your about me page

<a href="" rel="me"> My Google Profile</a>

B. Replace here your Google + ID digits same way like above.

Step 3:
Go to you Google + and click EDIT link and follow below instruction

  • Check show visibility in search result if you found this option check this.
  • Click Links area and given your blog link
  • Click edit profile and check show this tab on my profile.
  • Upload your image to your Google plus account. If you already upload your picture on Google plus account, you need not upload again.
  • Finally save you account and you are almost done.

To test this go to webmaster Richsnippets Tool

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