How to Create Simple Ajax Pagination with CakePHP 1.3 & Mootools

Create Simple Ajax Pagination with CakePHP

Often people face problem in creating simple Ajax pagination with CakePHP 1.3 albeit the fact that it is a simple job. Here, you can learn creating pagination with CakePHP 1.3 and mootools. In case, you are applying Prototype as the Java Script then this can go easier. Moreover, the application of JSHelper can make you use any kind of JavaScript library.

Add Helper & Component

At first, we need to add below mentioned code to our controller.

var $components = array('RequestHandler');
  var $helpers = array('Js' => array('Mootools'));

It will let us use the mootools adapter in JSHelper. Moreover, we can also use RequestHandler for ensuring the auto disabling of layout on receiving the request from Ajax requests.

Lets Get The layout Ready

If you are familiar with mootools then you can understand the need of adding mootools in the layout. In this way, you should use only the recently updated version of this tool. The location to save this tool should be app/webroot/js., which can be found inside the <head> element.

<?php echo $html->script('mootools'); ?>

Moreover, you should save your file only at the place, where you can find a single element wrapping $content_for_layout. Your code will look like this.

<div id="content">
 <?php echo $content_for_layout; ?>

Further, you should use single wrapping div with an ID. It will assist you in updating your site in an easy & time saving manner. In this way, the helpers will automatically replace the elements in case of single element. However, your code may look a bit different if you have multiple layout requirements.

Set up Paginator Helper

At this step, you are required to convey the motive of creating ajax links by using the options()to the PagintorHelper.

<?php $paginator->options(array(
  'update' => '#content',
  'evalScripts' => true

In this way, you will get evalscripts into request.HTML options. And, the request.HTML option will be available in JavaScript. But, you should pass your message to mootools to eval() any script tags on finding in response.HTML. Further, you need to use below given code at the end of index.ctp after all the paging links.

<?php echo $js->writeBuffer(); ?>

This code commands JSHelper to create the buffered script element in a script tag. And, you do not need to take tension about the output of similar JS.

Now, you just need to press F5 button of your keyboard to reload the page and find the ajax pagination functioning perfectly. Further, you can add this code for add more spike in your pagination.

  'update' => '#content',
  'evalScripts' => true,
  'before' => $js->get('#content')->effect('fadeOut', array('buffer' => false)),
  'success' => $js->get('#content')->effect('fadeIn', array('buffer' => false))

After reading this tutorial, you can head on to create pagination with mootools. It will be a short process. You just need to take each step carefully, put every code precisely, and save the settings in a proper manner. The proper completion of the process will get you ajax pagination on your website in a well functioning manner.

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