How Do I Drive Traffic From Google+ To My Blogs?

Traffic is a soul of blog If no traffic, blog is dead – Mohammed Yaqoob The today’s topic forced me to write my quote which defines blog traffic with a real life example. No doubt, Traffic is soul of your blog and if you’ve no traffic than it is almost equal to dead blog. Well, There are many ways to drive traffic towards blog like Search Engine Optimization, Social Promotion, Advertising, Offering Giveaways and much more. But Today, we’re going to take a deep look at the sub item category of Social Promotion. Here I’m going to show you that how can you drive traffic from Google+ to your blogs.

Drive Traffic From Google+

I hope everybody here know about Google+ very well. It is a social networking site just like Facebook where people can get in touch with each other. It is a new social networking site which has attracted billions of users in very less time. Now for bloggers, It is a good opportunity to grab more traffic with G+ and also use it to be connected with friends, fans, relatives and loved ones.

1. Start Official Page of Your Blog at Google+

Just as you might have created Facebook Page of your blog, You should also create page on Google+ as it is free, easy and effective. While creating page, try to put awesome logo and cover at your page in order to gain more audience attention. After this, get a verified icon on your page by linking your blog to G+ page and also put Google+ badge in your blog to obtain followers. At last, Try to share your awesome blog content on that page to gain traffic from there. Also remember this point that sharing posts on page with a big zero followers is not going to get something so try to increase your page followers as more as you can.

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