Free Reciprocal Link Checking Script

Free Reciprocal Link Checking Script

Numerous articles have turned out as of late expressing that complementary connection trades are an exercise in futility. This is genuine in the event that you can stand to spend a group on connections, however in the event that you are a bootstrapper you should do all the seemingly insignificant details. Complementary connection trades can in any case help join ubiquity some.

Shawn over at Digital Point makes a percentage of the best free SEO instruments available. As of late he threw together this free equal connection checking script, which peruses a document of connection accomplices (in the same registry) by the name of sites.txt. sites.txt is a rundown of URLs to check (isolated by a carriage return).


    $mydomain = ""; // Set this to your domain

    $list = file_get_contents("sites.txt");
    $urls = explode ("n", $list);

    echo "<B>Checking back links to $mydomain....</B><P><FONT SIZE=-1>";

    foreach ($urls as $url) {
    if (strlen ($url)) {
    echo $url . "<B><FONT COLOR=";
    if (strpos (file_get_contents($url), $mydomain) != FALSE) {
    echo "GREEN> Found";
    } else {
    echo "RED> Missing";
    echo "</FONT></B><BR>";
    echo "</FONT>";


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