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DMOZ listing Checker is a free tool via 1stwebsuite which checks the DMOZ listing of any website. Our professional team of workers has brought a few specific functions to this tool so that you can quick take a look at whether or not a selected website is indexed inside the DMOZ directory or no longer.

The most first issue about our DMOZ listing checker tool is that it takes no time to generate the reports. You can additionally carry out a bulk test. We've made the challenge a great deal quicker with the aid of checking up to 100 urls at a time.

dmoz listing checker online

To test whether or not a domain is listed in DMOZ, you may just input the entire URL within the field and press enter. In case you need to carry out a bulk check and then make sure you paste each URL on a separate line. The results are generated in a desk shape, the domain names that have been listed could be displayed with status 'listed' and people which are not listed may be displayed with status 'not listed'.

You cannot only use this tool to check the DMOZ listing for your website; however domain owner can also gain from this tool through acting a DMOZ listing checker of the domain names and quickly grabbing folks who are already listed in DMOZ as Google offers a number of credit score to such websites.

Why Use DMOZ Listing Checker

DMOZ is the most important human-constructed directory which was created through AOL. Search engines like Google and yahoo; usually provide preference to the ones websites which can be listed in DMOZ. And those websites are ranked better in search results. In case your website isn't listed in DMOZ, then you also post your website free of charge. However for the approval, you want to have a quality website with an excellent popularity.

Continually use 1stwebsuite’s DMOZ listing Checker tool because it requires no signup or registration. Simply paste all of your domain names within the textbox and let our tool do the work for you. It is fast, free and correct.

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