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If you need to use a distinct stylesheet for various browsers you need to use HTML conditional tags or you should use this.

<?php add_filter('body_class','browser_body_class'); 
function browser_body_class($classes) { 
global $is_lynx, $is_gecko, $is_IE, $is_opera, $is_NS4, $is_safari, $is_chrome, $is_iphone; 
if($is_lynx) $classes[] = 'lynx'; 
elseif($is_gecko) $classes[] = 'gecko'; 
elseif($is_opera) $classes[] = 'opera'; 
elseif($is_NS4) $classes[] = 'ns4'; 
elseif($is_safari) $classes[] = 'safari'; 
elseif($is_chrome) $classes[] = 'chrome'; 
elseif($is_IE) $classes[] = 'ie'; 
else $classes[] = 'unknown'; 
if($is_iphone) $classes[] = 'iphone'; 
return $classes; 
} ?>


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