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Easy CSS Minifier tools will minify any CSS files. we provide multi upload css file uploading and download. CSS minifiers tools we found our self wanting something similar for making minified CSS legible, so we built a simple tool using minify CSS. It uses several regular expressions.

Quick and easy way to minify CSS for the new website. we are still working on CSS UnMinifier tools and JS Minifier tools. Our Online CSS Minifier compressor for CSS files to reduce file size, get lower download times and save bandwidth. Online CSS Minifier/Compressor. Free! Works with Media Queries. Provides an API. Simple Quick and Fast! Minifying CSS takes the beautified, well formed CSS code that you have written and removes the spacing, indentation, newlines, and comments. These elements are not required for CSS to be used successfully. It also makes the CSS more difficult to read.

Why use Easy CSS Minifier?

Easy CSS minification is to increase your website speed. Minifier can make a script up to 25% smaller. resulting in a faster download time.

It is also common practice to combine all the CSS files for a single website into one file. This has a number of benefits. It reduces the number of HTTP request that need to be made to get all the elements of a website. It also makes minification and gzip compression more effective.

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