Advanced PHP Register Login script Free download

Advanced PHP Register Login script Free download

 Advanced Security PHP Register/Login System Free

A simple, but secure PHP login script. Register, login, logout, email verification, password reset, edit user data, gravatars, captchas, remember me / stay logged in cookies, login with email, mail sending via PHPMailer (SMTP or PHP’s mail() function/linux sendmail).

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  • PHP 5.3.7+
  • MySQL 5 database (please use a modern version of MySQL (5.5, 5.6, 5.7) as very old versions have a exotic bug that makes PDO injections possible.
  • activated PHP’s GD graphic functions (the tutorial shows how)
  • enabled OpenSSL module (the tutorial shows how)
  • this version uses mail sending, so you need to have an SMTP mail sending account somewhere OR you know how to get linux’s sendmail etc. to run. As it’s nearly impossible to send real mails with PHP’s mail() function (due to anti-spam blocking of nearly every major mail provider in the world) you should really use SMTP mail sending.

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